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Journal of Drug Delivery and Biotherapeutics

Journal of Drug Delivery and Biotherapeutics

The Journal of Drug Delivery and Biotherapeutics is a distinguished peer-reviewed research journal, renowned internationally for its commitment to publishing exceptional articles. Our journal serves as a prominent platform for advancing knowledge in the pharmaceutical and biomedical fields. We publish groundbreaking research spanning a wide spectrum of subjects, including drug delivery systems, biotherapeutics, pharmacology, biotechnology, and related disciplines. Additionally, we embrace interdisciplinary perspectives, promoting collaboration and innovation among researchers.

Why Choose JDDB:

  • Exceptional Articles: We publish exceptional articles that push the boundaries of pharmaceutical and biomedical research.
  • Interdisciplinary Perspectives: JDDB embraces interdisciplinary perspectives, fostering collaboration and innovation among researchers from various domains.
  • Global Reputation: Our journal is internationally renowned, maintaining a high standard of research and contributing to the global reputation of the scientific community.

Editorial Board:

JDDB is proud to have an esteemed Editorial Board comprising renowned experts in the field. Their expertise and commitment to excellence ensure the high standard and global reputation that JDDB maintains.

Join Us in Shaping the Future:

Whether you are a seasoned researcher or an aspiring scholar, JDDB invites you to join us in shaping the future of pharmaceutical and biomedical research. Submit your groundbreaking research, explore the latest advancements, and be part of a community committed to scientific excellence.

Submission Guidelines:

For submission guidelines and details, please refer to our Submission Guidelines Page or contact us at editorjddb@pressinspire.com, editorjddb2@pressinspire.com 

Submission through: https://pressinspire.com/JDDB/1/about/submissions 

Explore the world of scientific discovery with JDDB — where excellence meets innovation in pharmaceutical and biomedical research.

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